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Everywhere from news to sports, transparency is at an all time low. We’re changing that 1% at a time. Join us.

Enjoy this grainy picture of us with a fake baby  

Trust me, if you looked like us you’d put a blurry picture up too. I’m sure we’ll hire attractive people in the future, and when that happens we’ll proudly show their faces.


Anyway, we started MBS Report because we felt the way news and sports is covered needed to change. We make sports and news coverage more transparent by using hard numbers, and fill it with bad jokes so the math doesn’t put you to sleep.

Instead of sensationalizing 46 boring topics a day to engage our audience, we pick 1 or 2 and deep-dive them using hard numbers and primary resources. Like a Netflix docu-series had a baby with The Daily Show. But in addition to video, we also write articles and record podcasts.

Blurry MBS

We’re also consolidating the sports analysis market and keeping it accountable by putting predictions from major sports networks all in one place, and tracking their prediction records so the public can see who’s good at their job and who’s talking out of their ass.

Oh and that prediction data we collect is helping us create one of the best sports game prediction AIs out there, and we’re giving the public free access to those predictions. The picks from this AI is one of our major revenue streams, and it helps us not be completely dependent on advertisers who might pressure us into publishing a certain narratives in the future.

We’re putting transparency, real issues, and entertainment back on the table.

So how are the news thing and the sports thing related? Find out more below.

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Know Us   

A bit more about us that we couldn't fit into the heading

For both news and sports, instead of sensationalizing a million topics a day to engage audiences, we pick 1 or 2 and deep-dive them using hard numbers. Like a Netflix docu-series had a baby with The Daily Show. But instead of just video, we also write articles and record podcasts.

We also aggregate predictions from major sports networks in one place so fans can get a consensus on who the pros are picking to win, and which pros actually got it right. We use that data to create a sports betting algorithm, which is free to the public.

Look at this graph Nickleback Meme

“So how are all those things related?”

Did we mention transparency enough times yet?

Whether it’s news or sports or sports game predictions, there's a lot of false information we take at face value just because it comes from an authority figure. We challenge those ideas by shining a light on them through hard numbers, and deliver their results in a way that’s palatable and enjoyable for most people.

So stay a while, read our pieces, check out our prediction page, sign up for our news letter, grow with us. We appreciate every single one of you and hope what we've built helps you gain even even a little bit of clarity on whatever topics you had questions about.

Learn more about our News Content Here.

And about our Sports Content Here.

Our People   

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Chief Executive Officer

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Managing Director

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Creative Head

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Linn Marrian

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